Welcome, OER Grant Recipients!

In today’s session, we’re going to spend some time playing with H5P as a tool for making your OER resources more interactive and engaging. This Pressbook space will also act as a persistent resource and sandbox space for you to come back to as needed — you’ll be able to review and revisit the materials shared here, and to learn from the work your peers will do in this workshop.

In today’s session, we’ll cover:

  • the range of interactive options offered by H5P;
  • some principles to help you decide which H5P tools are best for which applications;
  • how to borrow and reuse CC-licensed H5P content;
  • how to actually build an interactive with H5P; and
  • how to download your interactives and reuse them in your Moodle course shell.

You’ll see that you’ve each been assigned a “chapter” to work in today. We’ll practice importing and authoring H5P content in Pressbooks in these spaces, and you can consider this a resource to come back to as needed. You can use your authoring space here as a sandbox to practice in, and the portable nature of H5P tools means you’ll be able to relocate them to your own OER projects when you’re ready.


H5P Workshop Copyright © by Brenna. All Rights Reserved.

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