H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1Noun Identification ExerciseMark the Words
2What Makes A Good Thesis Statement?Course Presentation
3Image SequencingImage Sequencing
4Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
5Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
6Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
7Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
8Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
9Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
10Multiple Choice TestMultiple Choice
11Best PMs Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
12SeasonMultiple Choice
13math calculationArithmetic Quiz
14MusicMultiple Choice
16Research designsDrag the Words
17pulsesDrag the Words
18Text thingFill in the Blanks
19The Goals of UNDRIPFill in the Blanks
20Twitter H5P testTwitter User Feed
21Fredericton QuestionMultiple Choice
22Will this Appear!appear.in for Chat and Talk
23testappear.in for Chat and Talk
24Housing StylesDrag and Drop
25Neurological nursing assessment post concussion - consider the subjective and objective data to collect in this assessmentDrag and Drop
26Interview SkillsBranching Scenario
27Just Watch Me, with contextInteractive Video